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March 2020

6th-8th March                           Dolphin open invitational Gala, Mayfiled Level3 INFO

                                               Gala entries
                                               Gala entry fees

20th and 21th of March            Mallow Swans Invitational Gala Info 

                                              Mallow entries report

                                              Mallow entry fees

28th of March                         Jimmy Cranny Level 3 Memorial Gala Info

29th of March                        John Dempsey Memorial Gala info

April 2020

1st - 5th April                           Irish Open LC Championships (Dublin) Day 1 2020

10th April                                Ennis Easter Invitational

19th April                               Irish Senior Schools Interpro & Relays


24th-26th April                        UL Regional Qualifying Gala Info

May 2020

3rd May                                  Fermoy Invitational

1st -4th May                            Regional LC Champs (Venues TBC) Day 1

16th -17th May                       Regional Development 1 Gala Mayfield

22nd-24th May                       Regional LC Championships

30th-31st  May                       Community Games

28th-29th May                       JD limerick memorial in UL


29th May to 1st June              Regional LC Champs (Venues TBC) Day 1

June 2020

6th-7th June                          Sundays Well Invitational - Michael Bowles  Douglas,


13th-14th June                      Regional SC/LC Development 2 Gala Opportunity 

20th-21st June                      Dolphin Minnows mayfield

July 2020

8th July -12th July                                    Irish National Div 2 Competition (Limerick) Day 1

22nd-26th July                                        Irish National Summer LC Championships (Dublin)                                                               Day

Summer holidays

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