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Our Coaches are trained in line with swim Ireland qualification and their experience that they have comes from the years that their love and passion for swimming has taught them. Between them they have coached many National Title holders and International swimming stars.
They all hold coaching qualification
They are all garda vetted
They have all completed their safeguarding 1 level
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My child under 12 , can they swim mornings?

In line with best practice , children under 12 should not be swimming mornings.

My child is 12 almost thirteen, can they swim morning?

A mix is allowed, but this should be discussed with the coaches.

In which age group will my child swim?

You child will swim with their peers, this is where they will enjoy themselves most, make friends and be more inclined to stay in the sport.

How many galas do I have to attend through the year?

The coach will advise which galas need to be attended. They do not intend to go  to all galas, but to choose the galas that will benefit the swimmer the most.

I have a concern about my child's swimming, who do I talk to?

The first port of call is the coach, they are very approachable and with the years of experience they will advise and treat your concern confidentially.

What time and where do the swimmers swim?

Check the site for current training times.

Where is the pool rota for parents?

Check the site as this is on-line and is emailed to parent also.

Do I as a parent have duties?

Yes , you will be asked to do timekeeping, turn judge, pool rota duty. It is shared out as equally as possible, but all parents will be required to do this. You may also be asked to do safeguarding courses and a team manager course,  if required as rules governing swimming change we need to remain in-line with safeguarding.

If you have any questions , please contact any of the committee members

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